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One of boutique23’s mission points is to encourage productions and creations so that animators have the opportunity to grow and learn in a collaborative environment. What a better collaborative environment than Artella. The Artella vision goes hand in hand with our dream and we think it is the best place for creators to meet and create awesome things together. Following this premise we would love to invite creators to collaborate with us in the creation of this series, contribute with their ideas and talent and get on board of a trip of story creation.

Make it Yours

We want this project to be also yours. For this reason we will make an agreement where 49% of the ownership (we’ll sign an agreement) of the episodes will be owned by the participants on each episode. The executive producer of the TOO and TREE Series, Sergio Jimenez, will decide the way this 49% is fairly divided among the participants and it will depend on the contribution of each artist in the episode.

Series Brief

TOO and TREE is an animated series of short episodes featuring the two main characters from boutique23. TOO and TREE are a couple of teenage alien brothers coming from planet ZERO. They travel together around the galaxy discovering little new things in every planet they visit. Their favourite place in the galaxy is Planet Earth because even if they don’t understand our way of being they also find it very funny, and they have fun trying to find out how our every day life human gadgets work. The only problem is that they never get it right and always end up having a silly accident, which makes them laugh and have fun. From time to time they receive visits of their beloved friends FORT and FIFT, who will witness and participate in their sill discoveries.

Episode Structure

A typical episode goes like this: One of the characters finds an existing on Planet Earth object. They will try to find out how it works and what it’s useful for and in this process they will end up messing everything up and having a good laugh. It could be an object, it could be a situation, or a feeling (this would be maybe more difficult), anything typically human that they will not understand.

Here is an example of one episode. This is the Pilot we made some time ago:

The Tone

As you can see in the pilot episode the tone is quite neutral and even close to be aimed only for children. This is not mandatory. We think we should try to get different episodes with different tones, so if you think your story needs to be spiced up then feel free to do so. The limit is obviously common sense, so avoid racial discrimination, sexist topics or illegal kind of ideas.

The Scene

As you can see in the pilot episode we decided to have a very simple scenario living on a kind of limbo so that it does not get very difficult to build a background. The idea is that with a basic ground and some elements you could get the scene ready. For example: with just the floor, a bench, a streetlight and a fence you could perfectly be in an outdoors park. In the same way, with a different type of floor, a sofa and a tea table you could be in the inside of a living room. You can be creative here and have as many elements as you need for the story to work, but keep in mind we need to keep the episode feasible.

The Characters

Note that we decided that the characters do not talk, so the episode is mostly sound-noise-music driven. We decided this because it would be funny to see how the express themselves with only noises and also so that there’s no cost on voice over and also it’s easier to maintain the episodes coherent even with different creators.

TOO is a teenage alien who comes from planet ZERO. He travels around the galaxy with his brother TRE3 and together they like discovering little new things in every planet they visit. TOO is curious and a bit silly, and doesn’t really care much about anything. Their favorite place in the galaxy is Earth because even if they don’t understand our way of being they also find it very funny.

TRE3 is TOO’s older brother and he travels with him to make sure TOO doesn’t create an interplanetary crisis. Even if TRE3 is a bit more responsible than TOO the truth is that in the end they always find the way to make a mess with almost everything they find on their way.

FORT is one of FIFT’s best friends. He’s not very good at talking but he’s always there for listening. Although he’s very strong he is not very brave and doesn’t like to be in trouble, but when someone he loves is in danger he can be the best ally.

FIFT is an alien who comes from Planet ZERO. Strong and agile, he likes to think he can help everyone in the galaxy in whatever the problem they might have. He’s been traveling around the Galaxy to find TOO and TRE3 and try to convince them to come back home at planet ZERO.

Make it Really Yours

So far those are the main premises for producing TOO and TREE episodes, but really, do not let them cut your creativity. Think about a story that fits in those 60 seconds and lets find the best way to tell it. It all depends on how many people get involved in each episode, and how creative and crazy we all get.

Basic Profiles Needed

Script Writer and/or Creative Director: this person can come up with the story line. It could be also the animation director or any other profile participating in the episode.

Designer: a person who can design the background and props needed for the episode. It can be also any other profile participating in the episode. It should also have the ability to paint the main title at the beginning of the episode, just as in the pilot.

Modeller/Texturer: a person to be modelling and texturing everything the episode needs. It could be also any other profile participating in the episode.

Animation Director – Animation Lead – and Animators: only one person or several animators, depending on the episode, could do this job.

Lighting and Rendering: one person taking care of the lighting and render of the episode.

Compositor: the guy making the comp and working hand in hand with the lighter.

Way To proceed

:: Join Artella and find this project titled: TOO and TREE Series.

:: Make sure you have at least your demo reel in your Artella profile.

:: Apply to the Project sending information about yourself and how you think you can contribute to the Series. If you already have written an idea you can send it to info at

:: In order to become a contributor in the Project you’ll have to sign this agreement.

:: You can be part of the project either because you’ll join an existing Idea for an episode that is being developed, or because you have a new idea for an episode.

:: If you are joining to an existing episode, your tasks will depend on the status of the episode. For example, maybe we need someone to light and render, or someone to model props, or someone to design those props.

:: If you have an idea for an episode, write it briefly and we’ll discuss it inside Artella.

:: If the Idea gets approved for production we all will study the best way to proceed, but most likely someone will need to start with a storyboard.

:: After the Storyboard is approved, we’ll put it into a 2D animatic, just to see how it works.

:: When the Animatic gets approved we can start studying what kind of background, props, etc we need, and we’ll all find the way to develop them, either with existing contributors inside the project, or by finding someone new on Artella.

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