In order to uninstall an asset use the same installer you downloaded. For example, in case you want to uninstall PIO you’ll need to launch “installer_ch_pio0001.jar”. To uninstall simply press the button “Uninstall”.

REMEMBER: you need to have JAVA installed in your computer in order to launch the installer. If you want to install JAVA in your computer, you can easily do it by going to

If you have more than one asset from boutique23 and you uninstall one of them, this will only erase that asset, not the rest.

If you are uninstalling the last asset from boutique23, or you only have one asset to uninstall, this will erase ALL the content of your installation folder.

IMPORTANT: When uninstalling the last asset from boutique23, make sure you don’t have any other files or folders inside, because they will be erased. If you have any files or folders you want to keep, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP.

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