If you open the asset and it looks messed up, it is because you have a License Problem.

This might be happening for several reasons:

REASON 1: You have a wrong Serial Number.

  • When you purchased an asset you had to enter a Serial Number created by a Serial Number Generator we provide. If you run this Generator in a different computer from where you’re installing, then the asset will never work and will appear stretched.
  • The Serial Number you use when purchasing is 22 characters long. If for any reason you did not copy the whole number when purchasing then the character will never work. You can check your serial number in the menu myboutique23 on the website.
  • If this is the case you need to contact support@boutique23.com and explain your situation. When you contact boutique23’s support please follow the indications we give in the page “Contact Support” that you can find on the right menu of this page

REASON 2: Name of the license files changed for some reason.

  • Go to the folder “licenses” inside your installation folder. Please check that you didn’t change the name of the license files you downloaded from boutique23.com.
  • The correct name goes something like: “lic_ch_assetreference.b23”
  • For example: lic_ch_pio0001.b23 (for PIO) or lic_ch_too0001.b23 (for TOO)
  • If the names are incorrect you should download them again with the correct name, and place them in the “licenses” folder.
  • You can download the license file of a purchased asset from boutique23 at myboutique23->purchased assets
  • You can also find the license files in a link we sent to your email address when you made the purchase.
  • If this is not working you need to contact support@boutique23.com and explain your situation.

REASON 3: The license file is empty or its size is 0 bytes.

  • Sometimes Internet browsers do not download file types they don’t recognize. This happens sometimes with Safari.
  • Please go to the folder “licenses” and check that your license files are at least 50 bytes sized.
  • If they are 0 bytes, then you need to download them again with a different browser, and place the correct license files in the folder “licenses”.

REASON 4: Plugin deactivated

  • In Maya, with the character opened, please open the plugin manager (window-settings preference-plugin manager). There should be a check box b23license.py activated/deactivated. It should be activated.

OPTION 5: Version of Maya

  • If you have the latest version of Maya that just came out brand and new, probably we did not check yet the compatibility with our assets. We normally wait until there’s a more stable version of Maya, with service packs working, etc.
  • For example, if you are in April 2015, and you already have for some reason Maya 2016, then we can’t assure our assets are going to work. We would start checking on Maya 2016, on May 2016 the soonest.
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