Use the “SHOP” section in the menu to see all the assets at boutique23. Select the one you want.

Let’s say you want to purchase TOO. In TOO’s product page you’ll find the asset description as well as the prize and an “Add to Cart” button. Clic on this button.


When you clic on the “Purchase” or “Buy” or “Add to Cart” button, the product will be added to your CART, and you’ll be able to see a summary of your order.

You can access your shopping cart anytime by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top of this site.

  • If that’s the only asset you want to purchase click on PROCEED.
  • If you want to add more assets to your CART click on CONTINUE BROWSING

Billing INformation

If it is your first purchase at boutique23 you’ll be asked to introduce your billing and user information. Please do so, it’ll only take a couple of minutes and it will be useful for enquiries, or for taking advantage of promotions, competitions, etc.

Click on the CONTINUE button to go to the next step, where you’ll specify your Serial Number.

Serial Number

If it is your first purchase, it means you don’t have any Serial Number, so you’ll be asked to generate one in order to be able to continue

  • Click on “Download Serial Number Generator”.
  • This will download in your computer a simple App.
  • Run this App in the computer you want to install the assets, and it will return a Serial Number valid for that specific computer
  • REMEMBER: this App runs on JAVA. JAVA is pretty standard but you might not have it in your computer. To download and install JAVA in your computer is very easy, just go to:
  • Copy the Serial Number and Paste it into the box “Associated Serial Number”
  • Give a name to this computer and you’ll be ready to continue
  • NOTE: This name of computer is just so you have an easy way to remember to which computer this Serial Number belongs. For example, if you are in you Home computer, you could name it HOME_PC, as we did in the example

If you already bought at boutique23, the information you gave us on your last purchase will be shown, as well as the last Serial Number you used.

You will be able to choose from all the Serial Numbers you created over time. If you are in a computer where you never purchased and asset, you can still click on “Generate Serial Number” for that new computer.


Once you select your Serial Number you can press continue, which will take you to the CONTROL page, where you can revise if all the information is correct.

If you agree with the terms and conditions then mark the checkbox and click on CONTINUE.

Payment: You’ll be asked about the way you want to make the payment: Credit/debit card or Pay Pal.
REMEMBER: Paypay also allows you to pay with credit/debit Card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

Purchased Assets – History

Once you complete the payment process we’ll take you to your Order History.

Identify your Order and click on the download button.

We’ll give you the links to download the assets you purchased, as well as the License Files you need to install them correctly.

Remember we’ll send you this two links by e-mail as well.

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