In order to facilitate the usage of boutique23’s assets, we provide an installer that will create a typical Maya Folder Structure in your desired installation path. This way you won’t have problems looking for models, textures, etc. We organize it for you in the same clean folder, and you’ll be able to find all the assets easily. After the installation you’ll only have to make a Set Project and you’ll be ready to rock.

1 – Download

After your purchase is completed you’ll be able to download the files that will allow you to install your assets in your computer.

For each asset you’ll find:

  • Package for asset installation in ZIP format
  • License File for that asset, related to the assigned computer.

For example, let’s say you bought PIO. The files you’ll have to download are:

  • Package for installation of PIO (CH_PIO.ZIP)
  • License File of PIO (lic_ch_pio0001.b23)

IMPORTANT: please do not change the names of any files you download from, otherwise the assets won’t work correctly.

2 – Unzipping the package

You need to unzip the package for installation. When you do so, you’ll find among other files, the installer of the asset.

IMPORTANT: make sure Maya is closed while installation

3 – Execute the installer

Each asset installer comes in JAVA format (.jar) and you need to execute it. For example: the installer of the asset PIO would be: installer_ch_pio0001.jar

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT extract the files .jar with any un-compressor such as ZIP or RAR because this will not install the asset in your computer.

REMEMBER: you need to have JAVA installed in your computer. If you want to install JAVA in your computer, you can easily do it by going to <a title=”Java site to download” href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

4 – Select your license file

Once in the installer, you’ll be asked to select the license file you already downloaded in your computer. Please do so.

IMPORTANT: Please do not change the name of the license file you download from, otherwise the asset will not work properly.

5 – Select your installation folder

If it is your first asset from boutique23 it will ask you to specify the installation folder. If you have previous assets from boutique23 installed in your computer, the assets will be located in the same folder.


Please create a specific folder for you boutique23 assets considering this points

  • Do not choose a folder in an external drive or separate drive in your computer. We found problems when doing so. Choose the drive where your Operative System is.
  • Do not choose your “desktop” as installation folder.
  • Make sure you don’t have “strange” characters in the name of the installation path. This is, for example having characters such as: #$%&’!?¿ etc.
  • Do not include the name of the asset in the installation folder. This is because when you install more assets this can create confusion. For example, if you choose C:/boutique23/PIO as your installation folder, in the future if you install DEIVI, DEIVI will be installed also inside C:/boutique23/PIO, which will create confusion.
  • We suggest you have a folder like C:/boutique23 or C:/username/boutique23 or C:/username/documents/boutique23 but nothing more fancy than that.
  • If you choose, for example C:/boutique23 as your installation folder, all your assets will be located in the folder C:/boutique23/scenes

6 – Press install

If everything went as it should you’ll see a confirmation message. This message means the files were successfully copied in your machine. If the Serial Number you provided when purchasing is correct, then you’ll happily open the asset.

Now you can find your installed assets in the folder “scenes” located inside your installation folder. In the example: “C:/boutique23/scenes”


If you install more assets they will be installed in the folder you chose in your first installation. In the example: “C:/boutique23″ – and all you assets will be located in the folder “scenes”. In the example: “C:/boutique23/scenes”

IMPORTANT: Do not manually change the location of the installed files after the installation; otherwise the assets will not work properly. You can copy the asset maya file (*.ma) somewhere else, but do not move or remove any of the installed files.

IMPORTANT: You can create files inside your primary installation folder. In the Example “C:/boutique23”, but we suggest not to create any other files inside the other folders, because if you uninstall all the assets from boutique23 this will erase your files.

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