If you still don’t get one asset to work, please contact support@boutique23.com providing the following information:

  1. Your username and email address at boutique23
  2. Your name please. So we know who we’re talking to 🙂
  3. The asset or assets you’re having problems with
  4. Explain a bit your situation, so we can understand you better. What you’ve tried, if you have more than one asset, if it ever worked in any of your maya versions, if you installed a new version of maya after installing the characters, etc.
  5. Go to boutique23.com and log in. Once there, please go to Shop->My Boutique23->purchased assets, and send a screenshot of that page.
  6. Download the Serial Number Generator from here  and run it in the computer you’re installing the rigs. Send a screenshot of the result.
  7. Have you installed or re-installed or updated Maya after you installed the characters?
  8. Can you please run the installer, and send a screenshot of the installer’s window? Exit the installer cancelling.
  9. Also please, make a ZIP of this “licenses” folder and send it over.
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