NOTE: If you want to change the installation path at any point, you’ll have to uninstall all the characters, one by one, from boutique23, and then install them again, in the desired path.
Remember that, regardless of where you have installed the assets, you can copy the files anywhere in your computer (not erase, remove o move them, just copy)

Once you’ve installed one or more assets, a folder system will be placed in your installation path, which will look like a typical Maya project. In this example the path we used is “…/B23_ch_installed”

Once you decide your installation folder, all the assets you install from boutique23 will be installed in the same path, and you will find them in the folder “scenes”:

All the assets’ textures will be located in the folder “sourceimages”:

The license files that allow your assets to work properly are placed in the “licenses” folder:

Important: Please never change the content of any of the folders inside your installation path, or add any personal files or folders you want to keep, because if you ever uninstall all the assets from your computer this will erase all your content, just as any other software does.

We recommend that you use a separate folder to work on your projects. If you want to COPY any asset in your own folders you can, but please do not MOVE them, CHANGE or ERASE them from the original installation folder. You can also open the assets as a reference in your own scenes.

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