You can Animate a project containing boutique23’s characters in different computers. 

Imagine you have two computers. Let’s say “Computer 1” and “Computer 2”. In order to animate character from boutique23 in those two computers you need:

  • Purchase the character license for “computer 1”.
  • Install the character in “computer 1”.
  • Purchase the character license for “computer 2”. You know you can get the second license at 50% of the original license. Remember: one purchase gives you one non-transferable license for a specific computer.
  • Install the character in “computer 2”.
  • Do not move, change, rename or erase any of the files or folders installed in those computers.
  • Do not use the original files installed in your computer as your animation scenes.
  • Create your New Maya Project with its own folder system.
  • Create your own Maya Animation scenes within your project.
  • In that project, you can copy the character scene (in the scenes folder) and also the textures (in the sourceimages folder)
  • In your project’s animation scenes, create A REFERENCE of the characters you need. The reference will point to the copy of the characters created in your project.
  • When changing computer and opening your Maya Animation Scene you will most probably need to change the reference location. Since the character will be correctly installed in your computer, you’ll have no problem to keep on with the animation.
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