TOO and TRE3 are a couple of teenage brother aliens coming from planet ZERO. They travel together around the galaxy discovering little new things in every planet they visit. Their favorite place in the galaxy is Planet Earth because even if they don’t understand our way of being they also find it very funny, and they have fun trying to find out how our every day life human gadgets work. The only problem is that they never get it right and always end up having a silly accident which makes them laugh. From time to time they receive visits of their beloved friends FORT and FIFT.

Do you have your own idea for a TOOandTRE3 episode?

If you have your own idea for an episode of TOOandTRE3 you can send us your thoughts and, if your idea is selected, we’ll give you the characters for free so you can animate. The information we need to evaluate your proposal is:

  • Your personal information, or the information of your team in case you’re more than one member.
  • Link to your demo reel video. If you’re going to do it with a team we would need all the members’ demo reels.
  • Description of the idea. The more information helping to understand (like story boards, for example), the better. Keep in mind the basic structure of a typical TOOandTRE3 episode, and that it should be around 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Timeframe and expected deadline for finishing the episode.
  • Use the form on the right to contact us. 🙂

TOO is a teenage alien who comes from planet ZERO. He travels around the galaxy with his brother TRE3 and together they like discovering little new things in every planet they visit. TOO is curious and a bit silly, and doesn’t really care much about anything. Their favorite place in the galaxy is Earth because even if they don’t understand our way of being they also find it very funny.

TRE3 is TOO’s older brother and he travels with him to make sure TOO doesn’t create an interplanetary crisis. Even if TRE3 is a bit more responsible than TOO the truth is that in the end they always find the way to make a mess with almost everything they find on their way.

FORT is one of FIFT’s best friends. He’s not very good at talking but he’s always there for listening. Although he’s very strong he is not very brave and doesn’t like to be in trouble, but when someone he loves is in danger he can be the best ally.

FIFT is an alien who comes from Planet ZERO. Strong and agile, he likes to think he can help everyone in the galaxy in whatever the problem they might have. He’s been traveling around the Galaxy to find TOO and TRE3 and try to convince them to come back home at planet ZERO.

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