Here you can find a very nice and well executed lighting exercise with Gumosa. Shu shows here a quick breakdown of his process as well as the final result.

Get to know Shu and take a look at her portfolio. She’s busy getting better!

Doing lighting always makes me feel a sense of like coming home – a kind of happiness! Night lighting – is especially alluring to me, very atmospheric. It’s a nice challenge to do this stylized piece, and I really like the Gumosa character (from boutique23), and posing him relaxed and deep in thoughts, smiling to himself. Pretty forlorn! 😉

Maya and Arnold for lighting, shading and rendering; Nuke for compositing; Premier for editing.

(Interior set from; Gumosa character from

Shu’s Presentation:

My name is Shu Low. I’m a graduate of Vancouver Film School in 3D Animation and VFX. I enjoy lighting, shading, texturing, compositing, doodling and oil painting, and I love animation especially for children. I love to paint with light, imbuing beauty, magic and life to imaginary worlds and storytelling. My passion is in movies and I look forward to be a good Lighting Artist working on movies with engaging stories and great visuals.

LINKS: About Shu – Shu’s Portfolio – Shu’s Vimeo Site – Shu’s ongoing work


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