2015 was, among others, the year of the very expected and desired new Star Wars movie, and Dimitrios decided it would be a good idea to make a small tribute to the famous saga in our B23 Animation Competition. This young animator from Greece presented a well executed and animated piece which gave him the third position very close to the two other winners. Take a minute to read about Dimitrios and learn about his approach and experience:

B23: Tell us a bit about yourself… when did you start in animation?
DC: My story is a little bit ordinary. As a child I used to draw more than I was listening to my teachers. I never thought about a professional art career though, as in Greece the art education is limited. I became more serious about my artistic skills later, starting experimenting with various mediums in painting.

B23: Did you learn by yourself or did you assist to a specific School?
DC: I learned drawing by myself and later I learned the basics of 2d animation studying books and watching tutorials (thank you Richard Williams!). Later I studied in a school of animation in France for 2 years but I boost my skills following some advanced animation internet courses.

B23: Where are you currently working at?
DC: I’m currently working in TeamTO in France. It’s a studio based on tv series animation productions. I just finished with the production of “Angelo Rules” and I’m starting soon on the new season of “Ravin Rabbids”.

B23: Do you spend some time during the year in doing your own animations out of work?
DC: As I started as a self-taught artist, while I was younger, I was thinking that sometime in the future will come a moment where I could sleep normal hours and being confident about my skills. That moment never came and I’m pretty sure right now that it’ll never come later either.

B23: Is it important for you to do your own projects?
DC: Especially if you work in a tv series animation, it’s vital to work in your own projects keeping your animation in high level and refreshing your brain cells! 8-11 seconds of animation per day is really hard.

B23: Where do you see yourself in the future? what would you like to do professionally?
DC: I’d like to break into feature films and stay there long enough before I decide that it’s time to teach.

B23: About the winner animation you presented to boutique23… tell us a bit about the process and how long did it take you?
DC: As soon as I came up with the idea, I did a fast 2d animatic in order to check if the story could be told in 10-12 sec. After I shoot some reference for two shots of the short where I felt I needed a better perception. I was working after work and to be honest there were some days that I couldn’t touch my pc after 10 hours of animation at work. It took me around 1,5 month of 1-2 hours every 3-4 days per week.

B23: What was the main intention you had with the story?
DC: It was really difficult to come up with a story having a beginning, a middle part and an ending told in 12-15 sec. It was my main goal to plan the short in a way that everybody could understand. I tried hard to avoid ending up with just a meaningless beautiful generic animation.

B23: How did you find to work with our boutique23’s characters and assets? you can be completely honest.
DC: I found the characters really easy to manipulate and animate. I really enjoy when I work with characters with a clear personality as the b23 ones. I found the assets a little difficult to manipulate in the beginning as I had to get inside the nodes to make them “alive” and change their parameters. Apart from this detail, I had real fun with all the assets and I’m really pleased. I can’t wait to use your characters in an other animation.

B23: Would you participate again in another B23’s competition?
DC: For sure! If I can fit it into my schedule though.

Thanks Dimitris for your time. Hope to see more of your animations soon! 🙂

Here you have Dimitris’ BLOG and one his demo reels:

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