This is the funny animation Alex de Angelis made for the 2015 B23 competition. There was something different in the approach which made the jury vote very highly and give him the second position, not to mention the execution and the very good animation quality. We talk with this young animator from Brazil about his work:

B23: Tell us a bit about yourself… when did you start in animation?
AA: I’m 26 years old I hold a degree of Graphic Design at UEL in Brazil (2007-2010), after my graduation I started working in some companies in Brazil such Tribbo Post, Clan VFX, Oktagon Games and Samsung Games and also at the same moment I was doing some freelance works around the world. For companies of Mobile Games, AAA Games, TV Advertising, TV Series and Feature Films in many countries like Portugal, USA, Uruguay, Romania, Canada, Russia, Turkey, England, Spain and others.

B23: Did you learn by yourself or did you assist to a specific School?
AA: I started learning animation around 2007-2008, a friend of mine taught me one simple thing in 3D Max, and I got amazed to do that basic thing and then I started searching on the internet about tutorials and all stuff that I could learn from. At that time, my family didn’t have much money to spend on 3D courses, so internet and free stuff were the only things I could catch, so I did it. I’m a self learner since the beginning till now.

B23: Where are you currently working at?
AA: After around 8 years in the road I finally got an invitation to work outside my country so I moved with my wife to Vancouver, Canada to work on the DreamWorks TV show All Hail King Julien and that’s what I’ve been doing for now, and still in my free time, I’m working on some Feature Films that may be released in 2016 and 2017.

B23: Do you spend some time during the year in doing your own animations out of work?
AA: Yes I do, I always try to keep myself into personal creations, this is where I actually can do what I really love regarding style of animation and art for myself.

B23: Is it important for you to do your own projects?
AA: Absolutely, I believe this is one of the most important things to do, it helps me to improve my skills and refine my hability to direct my own productions while I can try different workflows and find solutions for eventual problems.

B23: Where do you see yourself in the future? what would you like to do professionally?
AA: I want to keep having challenges in the projects I get involved. Going to an especific studio is a consequence. Usually the best studios has the best challenges, if I keep the dedication and always try to do the next shot better than the previous one, eventually I may get my chances inside the best studios of the world, that’s what I’m aiming for.

B23: About the winner animation you presented to boutique23… tell us a bit about the process and how long did it take you?
AA: I did this shot starting with stepped curves as usual but not a pose to pose progress as I usually do, for this one I tried something more like straight ahead, everyday in the beginning I use to spend 20, 30 minutes playing with the rigs and trying to get the characters in a cool situation and give them a nice flow in general. I never had more than 1 hour per day to work on that shot, I wish I could have polished a lot more, I know it could have got to another level if I had more time to put on it.

B23: Do you have any work in progress such as story boards or animatics?
AA: Unfortunately I don`t have, in this case, most of the creation was only in my mind and many tries straight ahead.

B23: What was the main intention you had with the story?
AA: The main intention was to explore further the initial and obvious idea of having 3 creatures in the beach and try to imagine what would be a funny gag that they could have together, also I’d like to really explore the rigs and rig the props to create a big caos with everything shaking and happening at the same time because of the wind.

B23: How did you find to work with our boutique23’s characters and assets? you can be completely honest.
AA: I really like the design of the characters and the rigs in general, they are light in viewport and easy to manipulate, that’s great, really! Just what I see that could improve is to lose the limit of the controls and add some extra. Like in some moments, I feel the needed to have more controls like in the base of the legs, manual controls for offset the parts of the arms and legs, manual curves, and direct controls for the face without limit. Having those extra controls would help to bring the animation to another level easier.

B23: Would you participate again in another B23’s competition?
AA: Definitely! I’d love to participate again of another competition, I wish next competition I can have more time to spend in my creation, I’m sure next one would be a lot better! hahah

We thank Alex for his time. Here you can see one of his animation demo reels. Enjoy!

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