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When boutique23.com opened for first time back in 2012, we were the first online boutique for animation-ready original characters. Our dream was to make access to quality rigs much more affordable for animators, so that having nice characters was no longer a barrier to creating their stories. Today our dream remains the same and we want to contribute to the professional development of the 3D Animation Community with this vision: We believe that resources should be available to professionals and students alike to encourage training, professional growth and content creation.

That’s the reason why we try to keep our prices as low as possible, offering the best prices in the world and maintaining a high quality standard. We also encourage content creation by giving our users perks when generating and sharing content with the rest of the community, with the intention of creating a “Virtuous Circle”: The more you share, the more you benefit, the more we all learn, the more we enjoy animation.

Animators, modelers, character designers, professionals, students, 3D character animation lovers, You. Animate, study, analyze, use and play with our stuff. We focus on giving you the best tools, so you can focus on doing what you love: Telling a story through animation.

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