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TOO and TRE3 Pilot Episode
Get the Characters and make your own
From Rebeca Puebla: Daisy
Estylized PinUp from the 50s
From Rebeca Puebla: Vilma
Estylized PinUp from the 50s
Gus is here!
Get ready for some action on body mechanics

We deliver awesome characters

All our characters are production-ready:
body rigged, face rigged, textured and shaded under Autodesk Maya.

You Create amazing Stories

Be creative; all you have to worry about is the story you want to tell.
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What they say about boutique23

  • I’m am utterly impressed with the quality and attention to detail they put into their characters.

    Bobby Beck CEO Animation Mentor
  • I can definetely recommend Boutique23 to aspiring animators who want to take their animations to the next level with the unique, stylish, and high quality characters

    Seçkin Yalın Animator
  • Tired of using the same free rigs, then i would recommend boutique23. not only are the rigs robust, appealing, easy to use and of the highest quality without breaking the bank, their customer support team are quick and always ready to help.

    Lee Adams Animator
  • Apart from the obvious appealing of the b23 rigs I was impressed by the possibilities of manipulation they offer! I've used a lot of production quality rigs before and I would definitely recommend boutique23 characters for intense use with pushed poses. I'm looking forward to animate their polished "vintage" new characters! Great work!

    Christakis Dimitris Illustrator and Animator
  • The characters from B23 have been a diverse group of friends that I have come to value and truly care for. I was introduced to them a few years ago and I have since used them to animate many clips for my demo. Working with these characters has helped me open many doors to new opportunities and I will forever owe a great deal of gratitude towards the geniuses over at B23 who are constantly working hard to create top quality character rigs for aspiring animators and professionals as well.

    Moy Parra Animator
  • I really loved the design of the characters from B23, I see so much potential for creation on those, great opportunity of development for all artists and animators. Also the rigs are very flexible, light in viewport and easy to manage that allow us to push further even more the appealing of the animations, excellent stuff from Boutique23!

    Alex de Angelis Animator
  • I needed to train in some cartoon animation so i I purchased the Tre3 rig from Boutique23, and i can say it was really really fun to animate! The two things i enjoyed were the fact that it was really easy to make appealing poses, witch is extremely important for feature animation and the fact that you can do exactly what you want with the character, you can deform it a lot and move everything if needed... I follow their work with attention, and i expect from their rigs the same quality as we can find in online schools like "iAnimate" for example... I almost forget to say that they're price are really cheap and i can not complain!

    Nassim Laajaj Animator

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